Sniffin' Sticks for early detection of COVID-19!

New studies suggest that acute loss of smell often occurs in patients with COVID-19 (e.g. 1). Impaired ability to smell is one of the most common symptoms (77%) in the first four days of infection (2). In combination with dry cough, determining loss of smell could aid in early diagnosis of COVID-19 (3). Loss of smell and taste are more specific for COVID-19 than e.g. cough or fever (4). In an emergency department in Korea it was determined that self-reported normosmia predicted that a patient did not have COVID-19 with 96% probability. An objective smell test may further improve this prediction (5). Burghart Messtechnik GmbH offers e.g. the validated Screening 12 test, which can be used to reliably detect an odor loss.
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