Bei Borgwaldt

Cigarette Maker Burghart CMB-120

The Laboratory Cigarette Maker Burghart fills cut tobacco into cigarettes with or without filter. The CMB-120 works gramm-precise (± 10 mg) and fully reproducible. Output: 1 Cig. / 1 min. and 20 sec. A range of 6.4 mm to 8.4 mm cigarette diameter can be processed with related formats sets. Standard set is 7.8mm (±0.1mm) cigarette diameter. The machine is able to handle cigarettes in the range from 63mm to 120 mm.

Laboratory Multi Filter LMF-01

The Laboratory Multi Filter is a fully automatic machine for producing cigarettes with own multi filter developments. Up to five segments (5-35 mm) can be attached to a tobacco rod by help of a special designed label.

Cigarette Injection Machine Cijector

The Cigarette Injection Machine Cijector injects liquids (e.g. flavorings) very homogeneous in cigarettes/filter for trial and test purposes.

Length Measuring Laser LML-01

The Length Measuring Laser System LML-01 is used for one-off and series measurements. It measures the length and position of the perforation and/or brand name on cigarettes. The data can be printed out or transferred to a PV via RS232 interface.

Cigarette Marking Unit CMU

The Cigarette Marking Unit CMU marks the insert depth and burning length on cigarettes for smoking tests.

Crease Tester CTB-01

With the Crease Tester CTB-01 the restoring forces of a cigarette pack blank can be measured easy and precise. The results are used to improve and finally stabilize your pack blank production.