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About us

On the 1st of July 1949, Mr. Heinrich Burghart founded the company under his name in Hamburg-Blankenese. The original focus on tobacco technic, resp. the production of laboratory devices for the cigarette industry was expanded with the production of medical devices in the 1990‘s.

This business area was and is growing continuously. In order to meet the steady growth and increasing complexity of the medical devices production, it was decided to split up this business area by today’s Burghart Messtechnik GmbH. In 2015 the mother company Heinrich Burghart Elektro- und Feinmechanik GmbH, unfortunately become insolvent and had to shut down its business completely. As an independent company, Burghart Messtechnik GmbH is not effected by the insolvency. Still, in family ownership, Burghart Messtechnik GmbH is operated in the third generation by Dipl. Ing. Torsten Burghart today.

After the insolvency of Heinrich Burghart Elektro- und Feinmechanik GmbH, Burghart Messtechnik took over part of the personnel in order to position itself even better in the market. This decision and fruitful cooperation led to a strong company growth and now allow a new construction of a plant in the neighboring community of Holm. The new building, which is  occupied since 01.06.2021, offers space for growth and at the same time sets standards in sustainability, work-life balance and environmental protection.