Standard Tests

Screening 12 mit Halter

Screening Test 12 with and without Taste Strips

With the Screening 12 Test developed for the ENT specialist in private practice, neurologist or general practitioner, the question whether the patient possesses a normal or decreased olfactory sense can be roughly answered. The evaluation is very easily achieved by means of a template matching the evaluation sheet. Optional, the set contains four container with Taste Strips to test the four basic gustatory qualities (sweet-sour-salty-bitter). 

Refill set and accessories are available separately.

Extended test

Extended test

With the Extended Test developed for the clinic (ENT, neurology, psychiatry, internal medicine, etc.) a detailed examination of the olfactory sense may be performed, e.g. for the preparation of expert’s opinions.
The test contains three modules: Odor threshold test, odor discrimination test and odor identification test, which are separated available under single tests.

The Threshold Test consists of 48 Sniffin' Sticks (32 blanks and 16 dilutions n-butanol or 2-phenyl ethanol). This module can be used to ascertain the patient's olfactory threshold.

The Discrimination Test consists of 48 Sniffin' Sticks (48 Sniffin' Sticks = 16 pairs of odorants each with 1 individual smell). The patient has to identify from three smells the one that smells different from the other two.

The Identification Test consists of 16 Sniffin' Sticks with everyday smells which the patient has to name using a selection card with four terms.

Refill sets and accessories are available individually.

Kids Identifiction

Kids Ident Test " U-Sniff"

The "U-Sniff" Test is used to assess the odor function in children aged 6 to 17 years. The test results can be used to differentiate between Normosmia, Hyposmia, and Anosmia if the patient is cooperative.

Refill set and accessories are available separately.

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Taste Strips 50er

Taste Strips

The Taste Strips are a validated examination procedure to investigate the taste ability. When testing the whole-mouth taste ability, the Taste Strips are applied by putting them on the tongue and closing the mouth. If there is interest in the gustatory sensitivity of certain tongue areas, the mouth stays open and the strip will only be in contact with this area until the patient can give an answer.

The 50’s Set consist of 16 containers with 4 concentrations of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and 3 containers with blanks. Every box includes 19 containers with 50 Taste Strips each, i. e. 950 Taste Strips in total. Click here for the product in our Online-Shop.

The 25’s Set consists of 4 containers in highest concentrations of sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Every container has 25 Taste Strips, i.e. 100 Taste Strips in total. Evaluation material is not included. Click here for the product in our Online-Shop.

Accessories are available separately.