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Tobacco Cutter Burghart TCB-01 & TCB-02

Tobacco Cutter Burghart TCB-01 & TCB-02

The Tobacco Cutter Burghart TCB-01/02 cuts tobacco for laboratory purposes with an output of approx. 10 kg/hrs (Tobacco humidity 10-12%). The cutting width is not flexible but can be changed with the exchange of the cutting rollers and corresponding combs.

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Cigarette Ventilationlaser Burghart CVB-1700

The Cigarette Ventilationlaser is used to perforate cigarettes or filter with different degrees of perforation (0 – 100 %).
Output: max. 1700 cig/min.

Seal Tester RM073

Seal Tester RM073

The intended use of the Seal Tester RM073 is to check the tightness of a packed cigarette box. The test is semiautomatic and the test result is shown on a display. Data outputs is via USB and RS232.