Single Tests


Identification Tests 16

The Identification Test 16, blue, developed for the ENT specialist in private practice, neurologist or general practitioner determines the ability to identify everyday smells. It consists of 16 odor pens with everyday odors, which have to be identified by the patient by means of a multiple-choice-card with four terms each.

The Identification Test Plus 16, purple, serves as supplement to the Identification Test 16, blue, to avoid possible “recognition” of the pens when testing repeatedly. It contains 16 additional everyday odors.

Refill set and accessories are available separately.

Threshold test

Threshold Test

The Threshold Test is determined in a so called “staircase procedure”. After a start concentration of the smell is found out, the dilution step is identified at which the smell can just be distinguished from non-smelling pens (blanks). We offer this test in 2 versions: with n-butanol and with 2-phenylethanol.

Refill set and accessories are available separately.


Discrimination Test

The Discrimination Test is based on comparison of 3 smell presentations (triplet). To this end, two times the same odor is presented (non-target) and one time a different smelling one (target). The subject’s task is to indicate which one smells different. This comparison is performed for 16 triplets.

Refill set and accessories are available separately.